Meet the Chairs!

Alex Bang - Chair of the First General Assembly (DISEC)

I would like to offer all the participants and guests of BaliMUN VI a warm welcome. My name is Jin Young Bang, and it my greatest honor to be able to serve as the lead chair of General Assembly 1. 

My MUN journey began 5 years ago at BaliMUN as a paige, and at that point, my passion for MUN had ignited. I started to enjoy intense debates, facing new challenges, and meeting new people. These rich qualities of MUN led me to a total of 13 local and international experiences, including organizing BaliMUN last year as the Secretary General.

Having been part of all the roles possible in BaliMUN in the past, I wholeheartedly believe that this year’s conference will exceed last year’s and will bring an amazing and exciting experience for the participants, and within GA1, I promise that I will always try my best to help participants engage in meaningful discussions on the issues and highlight the aspects of MUN that incited my passion in the past. 

I hope to see all of you soon!

Should you have any queries or concerns regarding the conference, please feel free to contact me at

Julie Perry - Chair of the Second General Assembly (ECOFIN)

 Greetings! To all those who are new and has been with us before! Prepare yourself!, you will be having one of the most memorable time debating and sharing your voices out with us! 

I am deeply honored to be able to chair in this years MUN and I favorably look forward to what you guys will bring upon to this conference!

I started out at my first MUN as a Paige - not of one from a book haha. Delivering and looking at the random notes that were passed areound from delegate to delegate with occasionally the hilariously innapropriate notes that had to be delivered to the chair. 

At first I was confused out of my mind and all the big words lowkey scared me. Shortly another conference followed and with the push of my friends that joined, I became a delegate. Might I say, it was definitely an experience that stayed in my head. I cried, laughed got angry, confused but most importantly, I ended each day proud of myself. At first the fear of standing up, talking and making a speech can become overwhelming or mortifying but, take the time to look around. We are all scared in the inside, it's just some of the people that join happen to have an amazing sense of keeping a poker face haha, so don't worry!.

MUN is honestly one of the few things I look forward to during school events, because I get to express myself as an individual. The thrill of each debate makes everything worth while! I know I can just say that standing up to speak your mind formally is an easy thing - but it isn't. Even as a chair, there are times when I feel uncomfortable talking, but I do anyways! Just to try and keep things flowing! It's not a matter of who talks better or who is the 'better' delegate, but it's they way you can collaborate with others, in order to make a solution to better the homeland we live in. Nothing feels better than passing a resolution as a team, trust me, even as a chair I still get goosebumps when a resolution passes haha.

Long story short, this conference will help you grow as an individual and as an effective collaborator. Trust on your allies and convince those that go against you. Support one another and consider the amendments made by your peer delegates. You can pass if you work hard enough! I'll end my introduction here and see you at the conference! Thank you!

Grace Liu - Chair of the Third General Assembly (SOCHUM)

Hello and welcome to the Third General Assembly of Social, Humanitarian and Cultural committee.

As someone who was almost completely mute during their first conference, I would like to share why i think MUN is an enriching, empowering platform where you can practice social debate skills, trains to be a quick (yet thorough) thinker, and most importantly, someone who carries the heart of a passionate solution seeker. 

Since young, I’ve never had much experience (nor confidence) to either conduct a public speech, express my line of argument, or to project my voice. I remember my first MUN like it was yesterday, as a delegate, I was stoked to be socially interactive with so many passionate debaters, who are making spontaneous speeches, speaking with the air of authority and boldness which only comes with experience. It was overwhelming for me to see the difference between myself, and them. So I listened and observed with great concentration, and maybe even a tinge of jealousy - why can’t i be like them? and more importantly, how?

That was the moment it clicked to me, and ever since then, I’ve been attending almost every MUN conference I could to get to be a good public speaker, a confident debater, with a shrewd mindset. And it is my honour to be serving as your chair for SOCHUM in Bali MUN VI of 2017.

If you have any questions or is seeking for tips and advice, i’m here in a click of an email →

Looking forward to see everyMUNer ;) !!

Raihan Woodhouse - Chair of the Fourth General Assembly (HRC)

Salutations. Firstly, I would like to extend my greetings to all those involved, whether you may be new to the Model United Nations [MUN] experience or if you are returning. My name is Raihan Woodhouse and I am 14 years old. I am so delighted to have been chosen as a lead chair for the Human Rights Council at this prestigious event, the 6th Annual BaliMUN. I have been a participant of the MUN experience from the day I was introduced to it at the age of eleven. 

There are multiple reasons on why this has been such a fun, intriguing experience. What I particularly love about this conference is that everyone comes together to discuss upon global issues whilst finding the necessary actions needed to solve it. 

Delegates also develop and consolidate with skills used at school, whether they may be related to socializing, communicating or thinking. Plus it looks good on your Curriculum Vitae which you will use in the future. 

I will make sure I try my hardest to help those involved engage in useful discussions. 

I hope all of the newbies’ dreams and passions are ignited at this year’s BaliMUN conference as I would like to see each of you continue on this fun MUN journey. See you at the conference!

Meet the Co-Chairs!

Michael Kim - Co-Chair of the First General Assembly (DISEC)

Hey guys. I offer my utmost warm welcome to all the future participants of BaliMUN VI. My name is Michael Kim, and it is my greatest privilege and honor to serve as the Co-Chair of GA1 for BaliMUN VI. 

Having been a participant in several previous BaliMUN conferences before, both as delegate and as chair, BaliMUN is a place which I can call home. My favorite part about MUN has always been interacting with others and forging new bonds with people of similar interests. With the added bonus of attaining new sets of skills, and honing our already acquired skills, what better way is there to spend a weekend!

For all the BaliMUN veterans, I can't wait to meet you all once again! I hope that we can have fun and productive debate sessions again, as we have done last year :). For the MUN rookies, I hope that BaliMUN VI will ignite your passion towards MUN, as my previous BaliMUN experiences did for me.

Sean Seedwell - Co-Chair of the Second General Assembly (ECOFIN)

I love MUN because it is a place where you have to work hard to play hard and to meet new people who you debate with allowing you to become involved in something you may have never considered before. MUN is a great place to learn new skills or to improve on your current ones - it's especially great for CAS!

Katidja Zaidi - Co-Chair of the Third General Assembly (SOCHUM)

After finding out about MUN through school, I passionately became involved within the idea of MUN. I remember being a new delegate during my first conference and how nervous and scared I was. Although your first conference will always be the scariest it will also be your most memorable. 

I hope that new comers will enjoy this conference as much as I enjoyed my first conference with the help and guidance from the other chairs and co-chairs in all General Assemblies. Being involved in over 6 conferences as a delegate and one conference as a Head Chair MUN has taught me so many lessons that would not be achievable without MUN. Meeting new friends, and seeing old ones, learning about the different political issues that arise around the world, that we as the future generation need to understand is one of the greatest opportunities you will ever have. 

My advice to all you new comers: Don't be afraid to speak your mind because all of us at BaliMUN have been in your position and understand how nerve-racking and scary these conferences can be! I want everyone to know they are able to come to me with any questions or concerns regarding the conference at any point in time! 



Max Raymond - Co-Chair of the Fourth General Assembly (HRC)

Greetings to all of those who will attend BALIMUN VI. My name is Max Raymond and it is my pleasure and honor to be the Co-Chair of the Human Rights Council (HRC)

I joined my first MUN conference in 2015 in Malaysia at MYMUN XII. Overall I enjoyed the conference though I did not perform my best. I tried again for BALIMUN IV which I found was a blast and was one of the best experiences I had ever had in an outside of school event. I really enjoyed the MUN experience as I enjoyed debating on the topics that the organizers of the event had thrown at us which made me more intrigued in other outside of school activities like GIN.

I hope that this year's conference will be full of good memories and will bring back memories of past conferences and would like to see many returning and new faces to the conference. Let this year be full of fruitful debate and let's hope that this year's conference will bring back people's passion for MUN and ignite the fire for MUN that all new comers will have.

See you all soon,


Max Raymond